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Terra Lu is the group travel specialist for religious travel in Central Europe. Whether your group is of Lutheran heritage or Roman-catholic, Baptist or Reformed or Orthodox: We value your faith, and will make sure that your tour is more than just travel, but a spiritual experience and pilgrimage.

Organising possibilities for worship is an important part of our service. In 2017, the year when the start of the Reformation Jubilee was celebrated, Terra Lu arranged about 75 worship services in the historic churches of Wittenberg, Eisleben, and Erfurt. Among them have been three baptisms at the font where Martin Luther was baptized. Daily Holy Mass is a part of catholic pilgrimages, and days of meditation in cloisters and monasteries unite Christians of all denominations at sacred sites.  

Reformation Sites

Terra Lutherana, the land of Martin Luther, is the origin of Terra Lu Travel. We are recognizing that the Reformation movement changed lives, churches, and the society in many countries and denominations. Travelers from around the world, many of them from church congregations, schools, and universities, visit the sites of the Reformation with us. Leaders like Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin stand for a movement in Germany, Czechia, Switzerland, France, England, and all over Europe. With us you can > take every church walking in the steps of the Reformers.

Catholic Sources

The common sources of Christian faith are celebrated in Germany with many churches, shrines, and pilgrimage sites. In southern Germany, along Rhine and Danube, Christianity dates back to the time of the Roman Empire with majestic cathedrales and magnificient basilicas. In the North, St. Boniface brought Christianity from England to Germania in the 7th century. Most churches in Germany, large baroque cathedrals as well as small romanesque village churches, stand for the long history of Christian faith throughout the centuries and generations. They are witnesses of faith with their overwhelming artwork.

The life of Hildegard von Bingen reminds us to spiritual women of the medieval ages. A mystic like Mechthild von Magdeburg and Gertrud von Helfta, Hildegard is still revered for her knowledge about herbs and health as well as spirituality. Days of contemplation and meditation in Bingen and Helfta connect your group to the sources of faith. 

For modern catholic history, Germany is known as the birth place of Pope Benedict XVI. Places of his life and ministry include Munich, Regensburg, Freising, Altötting, and Marktl am Inn. A pilgrimage day in Altötting with a visit in the birth house of Joseph Ratzinger is only one of many options for pilgrimage groups.

Contact us for your group's pilgrimage or retreat.

Events and celebrations

Looking forward to 2022, Terra Lu Travel is one of the leading suppliers in Germany for the > Passion Plays in Oberammergau 2022 and Erl 2025. We know this is not just a Theater play. Playing the passion is a very early form of Christian education, like the nativity play at Christmas Eve. For groups travelling to the Passion Play, we do not only arrange tickets and hotels. But, if requested by the group, we take care about mass services and devotions. It's all about the Passion of Jesus Christ, the most important story mankind has to tell.