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- some cool stuff to help you planning and promoting a group tour

This is nothing we invented - but we use it, our clients use it, and you may find it helpful as well:


Wetravel is a simple but easy way to create a stunning website for your group tour. But, most importantly: Wetravel also allows you to manage all registrations, send out messages, remind participants for payments - and even handle online payments with credit cards. Just take the tour concept we at Terra Lu Travel send you and put it up on Wetravel to invite travelers and gather your group. Once it is set up it is the most easy way to handle registrations for the tour we facilitate for you. We have a number of clients using Wetravel with great success, and we'll be happy to help you setting up the Wetravel page for your project as well!

Find Penguins

Find Penguins is the coolest travel tracker app ever, and we in the Terra Lu team use it for really every trip, whether it is for business or family. Find Penguins builds a diary of your tour. As you travel you can set footprints, leave your marker on a map, add a little text, and load up pics. You have family at home who wants to follow your group? Start a Find Penguins website and keep updating it. Never again send texts to parents at home that you landed safely - they can follow along on your Find Penguins website. And while you may just upload quick notes on the road, you can edit everything later so that at the end you have a great day-by-day souvenir. And with a few clicks it even turns into a real hard copy photo book! Terra Lu team says: No trip without Find Penguins!

Group Travel Videos

Group Travel Videos allows you to put together great presentations of your group tour photos. Do you remember what a slide show was? Now you can have all that with a finger snap. Partner with Group Travel Videos and upload photos as you travel. Our friends at Group Travel Videos put them into a great presentation which you can share with your group, with family and friends, your school, church, or bank club. And, hard to believe: They have 30 years of experience because they already did that back in time when they shipped digital cameras to groups so they could take photos. Now, simply use all your group members' photos for your promotion, and let Group Travel Videos produce a wonderful presentation.

[All links on this page are Terra Lu Travel recommendations. We think these tools will help you to promote and enjoy the group tour you plan with us. However: We can not take any liability for the functionality of these tools. Terra Lu Travel is no shareholder of any of those companies, we don't even earn money for putting up the link, and the people behind it are not family. It's simply our best recommendations.]