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You Can Reach Us 24/7

At Terra Lu Travel we are aware that you trust us by putting your treasure into our hands: your clients. Already from the very beginning, the details of the tour are communicated closely with you. Safety starts when we share hotel names with you as soon as we book them, giving you the chance to get involved and ask for changes if necessary. At the end you will get a day by day itinerary which has all the details - the same document the bus driver and the tour director work with. This way you'll always know where your people are. And you can reach someone of the Terra Lu Team 24/7 using our emergency number we will share with you.

In case of a medical need we will not hesitate to see a doctor with your traveler, call an ambulance, or go to a hospital. The > complimentary Health Insurance which is included in all our tours covers the costs with no need to waste time for clarification.

And, though we never needed it in our 30 years history, even in the worst case of an accident: We are prepared with a professional, certified crisis management. 

As part of the certification we meet a number of quality criteria which, among other details, include:

  • We have a written and approved emergency plan, following specific requirements.
  • We predefined a crisis team with experienced, designated, and personally named members.
  • We regularly train our staff with relevant topics, following specific guidelines.
  • We contracted a professional off-site crisis management company to give support in an emergency.
  • We have liability insurances to cover property and personal damage with a minimum of 5 Million Euro per damage event.
  • Our clients can reach us 24/7.