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There is much more to see in Germany.

Have you been to Rostock or Aachen, Tübingen or Osnabrück? Discover with us places not everyone has been already. Terra Lu is recognized partner of the “Historic Highlights of Germany.” Each city has played a major role in German and European history. Enjoy tours with a rich cultural experience, in a friendly environment, providing inspiring impressions. Charming historic centers, walkable neighborhoods, and incomparable culinary serendipities open a new perspective for your tours in Germany.

Rostock and the Baltic Coast

More than a cruise gateway to Berlin

Rostock, a member of the Hanseatic League since medieval ages, and famous for its brick Gothic architecture, is best known for its Baltic port and seaside resort: Warnemuende. But back in time, beer and salt herrings have been the two major exports that brought prosperity to Rostock. Home of the oldest university in the Baltic, Rostock today is a lively town based on its rich history. And every August some 200 tall ships and sail boats gather in Rostock for the Hanse Sail regatta.

And just 75 miles along the coast is Lübeck, center of the Hanseatic League, a famous union of merchants and towns in the middle ages. The European Hanse Museum tells about this world d of wealth and power. Until the Euro was invented, the Lübeck Holstentor town gate (built 1464- 78) was shown at every 50 Deutsche Mark bill.

So why hurry from your cruise in non-airconditioned trains for a few hours visit to Berlin? Let us arrange the shore program of your next Baltic cruise in Rostock, Lübeck, and along the coast.

Münster and Osnabrück

Peace after the longest European war

The neighbored towns of Münster and Osnabrück stand for one of the pivot points in German history. It was here that in 1648 the Treaty of Westphalia has been negotiated and proclaimed (in Osnabrück) and ratified in the Friedenssaal (Hall of Peace) in the city hall of Münster. Still today Münster's Prinzipalmarkt (Principal Market) shows the city's Hanseatic history at it's finest: merchant houses stand cheelk by jowl and form a distinctive silhouette. About 50,000 students of the University throw a youthful energy into the historic walls. Onsabrück is famous for its buzzing cultural scene as well as cafés, shops, and galleries.

Many towns to be discovered

It may be Trier, founded by the Romans in 16 BC, with monuments from the Roman empire.
Aachen, imperial residence of Charlemagne, and place of the coronations of German kings up to the 16th century.
Potsdam and Sanssouci palace, the Prussian copy of Versailles.
Bonn, birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven (with his 250th anniversary in 2020!).
Koblenz, where Moselle and Rhine come together, with countless castles and palaces.
Tübingen, University city since the 16th century with historic facades along Neckar river.
As well as Augsburg, Regensburg, Wiesbaden, Würzburg, and Erfurt:

They all stand for different parts of German and European history, and also are samples how history and modern life merge together in a welcoming environment. All worth to see, off the beaten track, but yet fascinating and inspiring. Contact us for your hand crafted tour!