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Health Insurance included

First among German incoming suppliers, Terra Lu Travel includes a free health insurance in all group tours*. The insurance covers doctor visits and hospital costs, but also evacuation and, in the worst case, medical transportation back home. Most importantly, the insurance does not only reimburse costs, but becomes active right away.

A 25 languages hotline helps the patient, the doctors, and the relatives to communicate with each other and to find the best solution in a crisis situation. The insurance does not have an age limitation. Since the contract is with a German insurance company, help is on the way right away, without long discussions and decision processes.

We at Terra Lu Travel understand this insurance as a big step for a worry-free travel experience for both tour operators and travelers.

And if you like to have other risks covered: > Use this Link for your online insurance.

* Only citizen from countries which do not require visa for Germany/ Schengen countries like from USA, Canada, Australia. Travellers who need a visa for travelling Europe are covered by a similar health insurance with the visa.

And, whatever happens: You can > reach us 24 hours, 7 days a week while your group travels with us. And > motorcoach safety is of key importance to us.