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For sure: Post-corona Travel Will Be Safe and Fun

Looking for tours after the coronavirus pandemic, now is the chance to do what we always wanted to do: Travel to the smaller, less crowded places. Go off the beaten track. Stay away from the masses. And explore what always waited to be explored. Why stand in lines at Neuschwanstein while there are so many other castles waiting for visitors? Why chop your way through the crowds in Rothenburg while there are so many little towns with timber framed houses, market squares, and historic churches which are not in the focus of international mass tourism?

More than ever we’d like to encourage you to work with a local supplier. We are here, on site. We know what’s going on. You can book a hotel everywhere on the internet. But to measure what the local situation is and how your group can have a maximum experience at minimum risk – that’s what you need a local for.

As it always was, Terra Lu organizes each and every tour hand crafted. This never was more important than now. Because we design the tour especially for you, and with you, up to the point you feel comfortable with it.

Some of the experiences from past years might be helpful ideas for post-corona tours:

  • Don’t overload the motor coach. 30 to 35 people on one of our 55 seaters give not only more comfort, but also allow some distance when not everyone sits shoulder by shoulder.
  • Stay at places for more than one night. Already before this virus, more and more groups travelling with us enjoyed staying at the same hotel for a few nights. Visit an area instead of rushing in and out. Stay in a centrally located place, visit sights on day excursions, and return to the same clean hotel room every night. This way your group does not have to get acquainted to new rules every day, they know what the next night will be. And there is no stress with packing and unpacking every day.

    Such basecamp itineraries work in many areas of Germany. For example, most sights of the Lutheran Reformation are in day trip distances around Leipzig. The same idea works for Munich, Neuschwanstein, and Augsburg. Or the Rhine valley with Frankfurt and Cologne. Or the Northern coast with visits to Bremen, Lübeck, and Lüneburg out of Hamburg. 
  • Visit smaller places. Get to know towns, castles, and churches where your motor coach will be the only one in the parking lot (if there is one for coaches at all). We guide you to the hidden gems.
  • Circle back to the arrival airport. Sometimes tours started in Berlin and ended in Frankfurt. Or started in Munich and ended in Berlin. Mostly this meant that there is the intercontinental flight to one of these airports, and a connecting flight from or to that other airport. Arranging the tour in a circle, so that it starts and ends at the same airport, limits the desinfection hassle of another flight. Plus it is more climate-friendly. Mostly it only needs a few little changes in the tour plan to make the trip end at the same place where it started.
  • Try other forms of transportation: Why not do a bicycle tour through the country side? Or a canoe trip? Or get on a hike? Not only that it is fun to be sportive, travelling the country side or a national park on a slow pace offers many new perspectives. Plus, it provides lot of fresh air.
  • Keep the golden rules. During the coronavirus pandemic, German authorities put out a number of regulations for public life, events, safe motor coach travel, museum visits, and hotel stays. No doubt that all our tours will be arranged in a way that all regulations are kept carefully. But already years ago, Terra Lu equipped all coaches with hand sanitizer (which we brought from the US before this was in use in Germany). And for years, all groups traveling with us are covered by a complimentary Health Insurance. In case a traveler feels uncomfortable, it’s easy to see a doctor. We take care about the details to make sure your group has a safe but yet enjoyable travel experience.

We are sure: Corona-safe group travel can be as fun, enjoyable, and educational as group travel always has been. Well arranged tours fulfill the requirements without intimidating warning signs and boring restrictions. It only needs a few little changes to make group tours responsible. Contact us to discuss how your post-corona tours to Germany and Europe can look like.

Besides the pandemic, here is What we think a good itinerary should look like.