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Terra Lu Cares

... about other countries

While the Terra Lu Travel staff enjoys to live in a wealthy, nice, and peaceful environment, we do not forget that there are areas in this World which are not as privileged as we are. Terra Lu Travel, based in the German state of Hesse, supports the NGO "Hessen Hilft" (Hesse Helps) and their work in countries like Haiti, the Philippines (after the 2013' typhoon), and the East European state of Moldova. Terra Lu's owner Christian Utpatel is the volunteer representative of Hessen Hilft for this country which, located between Romania and the Ukraine, is the poorest area in Europe.

The Kid's Summer Camp in Bălți/ Moldova is supported by Hessen Hilft and Terra Lu. New sanitary facilities are needed to make the kids from the area feel welcomed. This supports the local staff in their wonderful work, and shows the youth that it is worth to live in their country instead of moving to the West.

... about the Environment

Terra Lu Travel helps its clients to enjoy this World and God's rich creation. The more we do, the more we know that it is our responsibility to keep the footprint we leave as small as possible.

The Terra Lu Travel offices are supplied by renewable energy only. The electricity we need originates 100% from water-, wind-, and solar power stations - no coal, no nuclear power. We also use biogas for the office heating system.

And our 2019 new company car is a full electric Renault which replaced a 4x4 Diesel SUV.