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Travel Different - with Cruises, Rail, and Bike

What about a combined River Cruise & Bus tour for your group? Include a few days travelling with a cruise ship, while your motor coach drives along and meets your group for land excursions. Your group will be accompanied by the same tour director, bus driver, and motor coach all time. This way the cruise will not just be an add-on prior or after a bus trip, but it will be an organic part of the travel experience.

The Rail system in Germany and Europe offers new possibilities for extraordinary itineraries. Railroad enthusiasts may be excited by visiting the workshop of narrow gauge Railways or travelling with a steam engine. Other groups just enjoy the relaxing travel in Europe's high speed trains which allow travels between the European metropolises while walking around in the train and chatting with fellow travellers.

Even on a motor coach tour, taking the train for one day allows unexpected day excursions like from Munich to Salzburg, from Dresden to Prague, or even from Brussels to London and Paris!

And if you want to take large groups beyond the imagination we will just charter an entire train for you like we did in 2014 with the Refo500 Train.

Riding a bicycle is very popular in Europe even on long distances. A well developed system of European Bike paths connects wonderful landscapes and lively towns while staying away from busy highways. Especially routes along rivers like the Elbe bike trail are very much used by the generation 50+. So why not include a bike tour into your trip? It may be a few days in a row, or just an afternoon excursion. Terra Lu will arrange bike rental, local guides and maps, and makes sure that the bags are already on place in the next hotel when the group arrives.