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Pay by wire or online with your credit card and Paypal.


Sending a wire is the easiest way to transfer money. To process a wire, online from your device or through your bank, you’ll need the following banking information.

> Please open this file (pdf) which has all details.

Online with Credit Card or Paypal

Small amounts can be payed online with your Visa / Mastercard / American Express / Diners credit card or by using PayPal. Just add the amount you like to pay and your invoice number.

Please remember that according to our terms and conditions all bank charges are to be borne by the payer. Therefor please add 2% to the amount to cover payment fees.

Please do not use PayPal for amounts larger than 1,000 Euro - the transaction fees are crazy high.

Your payments are processed using safe services by PayPal.

> Please open this link to get started.