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Reformation: Walk where the Reformers walked

In the steps of Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and Hus

It was in October 1517 that the monk Martin Luther posted 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. What was meant as the start of a theological debate turned out to be a change of the world. People were waiting for this movement of enlightment and new understanding of the gospel. Many discussions, and sadly wars, led to a change of society in Europe and around the World. 


In 2017 the 500th jubilee of the posting of the theses has been celebrated. But that was just the beginning of the Reformation Jubilee! The jubilee goes on:

  • 2021: 500 years Diet of Worms: Here I Stand!
  • 2022: 500 years Bible Translation at the Wartburg
  • 2025: 500 years of Luther's Wedding in Wittenberg
  • 2030: 500 years Augsburg Confession in (well...) Augsburg
  • 2046: 500 years Martin Luther's death in Eisleben

Reformation in Europe

But long before Luther, the Prague Professor Jan Hus was sentenced to death by the Diet of Constance. And later, in the 16th century, besides the Lutheran Reformation more and more movements started in all over Europe. Huldrych Zwingli started his reformatory sermons in 1518 in Zurich and layed the ground for the Swiss reformation. John Calvin formed it after 1536 in Geneve to an independent movement. In 1561 Guido de Brès threw a copy of the Dutch confession over the wall of Tournai castle. At the same time Lutheran Reformation was spread out to the Scandinavian and Baltic states as well as to Transsylvania.

Bring Every Church

Terra Lu Travel is the specialist for Reformation tours in Terra Lutherana, the land of Martin Luther. Plan a vacation tour or study trip for your clients, and discover with us the wide variety of the Reformation movements in Europe. With Terra Lu Travel you can offer a trip to the Reformation jubilee to churches, schools, university groups, or even family reunions. Help Pastors to explain their confirmation class the meaning of baptism while standing right at Luther's baptismal font. Let them enjoy a painting workshop in the courts of Lukas Cranach. Let the themes of the Reformation come to life with a visit at the authentic places, whether it is in Wittenberg or Worms, Geneva or Heidelberg, Zurich or Dordrecht. We are ready to meet your group at the airport, and care about transportation, hotels, guides, tickets, contacts to local churches and experts, and whatever else is needed for an unforgetable experience.



Terra Lu Travel: Your competent church-linked partner to provide travels to the Reformation Jubilee.