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Advantages of working with a local supplier

You know how to book a hotel online in a city like Munich or Berlin. But are you sure about the neighborhood? Is it easy accessible for your motor coach to allow fast check-in for groups? Does that flower bouquet you see on the website really reflect the cleanliness of the rooms? And what if it comes to local expert guides, good restaurants, and the little personal touch your clients expect on your tours?

That's what you need a local supplier for. We at Terra Lu Travel are Germans, we live and work in Germany. Our office is in a historic timber framed building just North of Frankfurt, which means that we are in the middle of Germany. We know the places we take your groups to, and we are always nearby when they are on the road.

You could book many things online. But the local expertise makes it a good tour. Working as your local supplier we compose every tour in close partnership. All details about a tour are shared with you regularly already in the planning process. Because we know that - at the end - it is your tour which your clients need to be excited about.