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What we think a good itinerary should look like

Creating a tour itinerary is like composing a good piece of music. It needs an overture, it needs time of excitement, to rest, to dream, to experience new things and think about what happened. And it needs a time of farewell, to reflect, and to enjoy going home again after a wonderful experience.

A tour needs a good start and a wonderful end. After arrival at the airport, tired from an intercontinental flight but yet excited of the things to come, the first hotel needs to be a place of welcome and rest. With a good Welcome dinner. Throughout the trip, experiences may vary. Some tours have a topic, they follow the traces of a historic person or event, or they enjoy German and European heritage and culture. While all tours we design are accompanied by one of our experienced tour directors, we like working with local guides. They give the insight details at the places visited, may it be a town or a church, a castle or a museum. When visiting historic places in Europe, a good amount of walking may be unavoidable. But we also include times of rest, may it be during a pause in a local café, a few hours cruise on a river, or just a time of leisure to see a place on your own.

We prefer staying more than just one night at a place. Rushing in and out a hotel, running by sights just to take a photo, zooming through a museum to get the one shot you could have seen on a postcard is not what we prefer. Sometimes it might be necessary to cover a larger range on a tour. But spending at least a little more time at a place, having time for a walk in the neighborhood, or to eat icecream custard at a market place opens the senses to experience the characteristics of the place visited.

But, most of all: Each and every of our tours are hand crafted. Tell us the wishes of your own company or your clients, share your thoughts and ideas, and we will compose your tour. We will not stop sending you updates and variations until our concept is the perfect tour for you and your valued clients. It may be a Study Trip or a Pilgrimage, a tour which celebrates Jubilees and Events, or a tour for a choir:  Simply contact us with your travel plan, and we will start creating it.