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Terra Lu Travel & Consult GmbH was founded and is privately owned by Christian Utpatel, an expert in group travel and spiritual pilgrimages in Germany and Europe for 30 years.

In addition to his travel expertise Christian also is an ordained Lutheran pastor and bus driver. He sets up local contacts and provides ideas for making the trip to Europe an unforgettable experience. Christian is involved in many projects in the field of "church and tourism." He was the director of the Contact Office for Church and Tourism for the LutherYear 1996.

Facing the Luther Year 2017 Christian developed the "LutherDecade" marketing campaign for Wittenberg county. Since 2011 the "Luther500 Festival", developed and operated by Terra Lu Travel, takes place every other year in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Terra Lu Travel is the German travel partner of "Refo500," an international project that seeks to demonstrate the continuing relevance of the Reformation through books, seminars, art exhibitions, teaching materials and travel opportunities.

Terra Lu Travel offers outstanding travel experiences to group-travel organizers, and also works with local tourism organisations in developing the best offers for travelling groups. Located in Germany and having long-established and ongoing local contacts, Terra Lu Travel is able to make arrangements which will take your group behind the scenes and provide a unique inside view of Europe. No two Terra Lu tours are the same, since each tour is individually designed to the specific wishes of the groups.