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Fairy Tale Road

It’s the home of our company: North Hesse, just north of Frankfurt Airport, is the area where Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected their world-known Fairy Tales. Still today elder ladies in our area wear a little red hood to their traditional costume.

A visit of the fairyland includes timber framed houses, lively market squares with cafés and little stores, as well as romantic castles. Your groups will be special guests for us. We can take them on hikes and bike rides, visit little manufactories, and taste some local food. What about visiting tapestry weavers? Or a basket maker? And there is no way to get around eating “Ahle Wurst”, our home made hard pork sausage. Request your hand-crafted itinerary and visit us in the GrimmHeimat, the home of the brothers Grimm.

German Heritage

5.5 million Germans left their home between 1815 and 1914 to find a better life somewhere else in the world. North America, Australia, Argentina, South Africa and many other countries saw German immigrants which often had a big influence into the development of the new settlements. How much German is in your family or your church’s history?

Whether it’s a 4-person family or a tour bus full of travellers: Terra Lu will meet you at the airport and care about all land arrangements. Our drivers will explore the smallest villages to take you to the sources. Experienced since 1990 we are the experts for church travel in "Terra Lutherana", Luther’s land.

Terra Lu Travel can arrange family or church trips to the original places ancestors came from. Journeying in search for your family roots can add new life to the marriage records, obituary records, and family lore you’ve learned about while researching your family history. Prussia and Silesia, Brandenburg or Baden – whether the towns and villages are today in Germany or maybe Poland, the Czech Republic or Scandinavia: Send us a list of the places, and we’ll put together a very private family roots tour.