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Fly Your Group to Europe.

TERRA LU TRAVEL is professionell in land transportation. From airport to airport our staff and our busses will take care whereever you travel in Europe.

But to get to Europe we found out that it is much more easy and less expensive for you to book your flights in your home country. You may contact any flight broker or travel agent.

We recommend our friends at Fly My Group who will take care of the air portion of your trip:

Or you may contact the airlines' group desks directly:

 US Airways800-843-9971
 American Airlines800-221-2255
 Iceland Air1-800-223-5500 prompt 1
 Condor(live chat at "contact" on the website)
 Southwest Airlines1-800-433-5368
 United Airlines800-237-9524
 Jet Blue
(partner of Lufthansa)
1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583)
 Singapore Airlines
(serving Asia- Europe as well as JFK- Frankfurt)
(online form only)

All information subject to change without further notice

This information is shared by Terra Lu Travel without any obligation. Terra Lu also does not receice any commission or refund from the mentioned airlines or web portals. We are happy enough if this helps you to arrange your flights for a Terra Lu trip in Europe ;-)