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Choir and Band Tours

Arranging a concert tour for a U.S. University Choir is how the Terra Lu experience started about 30 years ago. Whether your clients come with a choir, drama group, the church's handbell choir, or a band: We will arrange the performance out of one hand. Your group cares about music and arts, let us care about transportation, lodging, and the venues. Our experienced office team together with the drivers and staff on the road will make sure that your clients will have relaxing travels, arrive at the concert places in time, find rooms for rehearsals, and get a good hotel for a silent overnight.

We can bring your groups into the big churches and concert halls. But we find it even more interesting to connect them with small places all over Europe. Imagine a church choir touring local village churches in Germany, being warmly welcomed, getting the real German experience - and know that your concert is a mission project with more than just music! Terra Lu Travel has the network connections to several places which are eager to welcome you. And we make sure that your singers always have water behind the stage, with no gas.

Like all Terra Lu tours are hand crafted and customized, choir and band tours are as well! We will work with you from the very first idea until the last applause and encore. Please request your customized quote and start planning a tour for your client.