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Worms 2021:

The Reformation Jubilee Goes On

Don’t think the Reformation Jubilee is over. While many churches celebrated the “500th Reformation Jubilee” in 2017, it should not be forgotten that the really important jubilees are still coming. Like 2021, when it will be 500 years since Martin Luther confessed his faith to Pope and Kaiser at the Imperial Diet of Worms. We are also looking forward to the 500th jubilee of Luther’s Bible Translation in 2022. 

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Formation of Protestants

It was in 1521, when Dr. Martin Luther was called to the Imperial Diet of Worms to revoke his believes. But he stood firm for his faith, and confessed to Pope and Kaiser: "Here I Stand." He was declared outlaw and heretic, but not executed like other Reformers before him. For the first time in modern European history, resistance against authorities led the way into modern society, civil rights, and autonomy. 

In Worms, Luther and his fellows have been called "Protestants" for the first time - a proud name the Lutheran Church still bears today.

Many events, special exhibitions, and the Worms Theater Festival will celebrate the 500th Jubilee in 2021.

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2022: 500 years Bible Translation

Coming from Worms, Luther was hidden for his protection at Wartburg Castle. But he knew how to spend his time, and translated the New Testament into normal people’s German. Another pivot point of the Reformation: Now the Word of God became accessible for every believer, passing by the supremacy of the clerics, reminding us of the priesthood of all believers.